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"Moob Connecting with Hmoob"

Hmong Students integrating Voices

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Who are the Hmong?  The Hmong constitute one of the most ancient cultures of Asia.  There are about 12 million Hmong scattered throughout the world including China, Australia, France, Laos, Thailand, Europe and America. Marking the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, over 150,000 Hmong families were resettled in United States after fighting side by side with American soldiers.  The Hmong played a large role in America’s past and again, the Hmong people will play a great role in America’s Future.  During the summer of 2004 there will be over 15,000 more Hmong families resettling in the United States.  Because of the importance and increase in population of the Hmong people in America, it is necessary to educate America about who we are and what we stand for.  Hmong is an honorable culture and should be recognized for it.


Hmong Students Integrating Voices was created because many Hmong students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison believe that there is need to educate the younger Hmong generations and the mainstream community about the Hmong culture.  Furthermore, we believe that it is imperative for Hmong students throughout Wisconsin to unite through vocalizing their experiences as a Hmong-American. We looked at other states with large Hmong populations such as California and Minnesota, and we found in each of those states, college bound magazines created by college students like us.  As their Hmong community developed, so did their state communities’ understanding of who and why the Hmong people are in America. After seeing the development and connection between college and state-wide communities, we believe that it was time the Hmong students of Higher-Education in the state of Wisconsin, full-fill our duty of educating the public about the Hmong culture in Wisconsin.


University of Wisconsin-Madison