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"Moob Connecting with Hmoob"

Hmong Students integrating Voices

Editorial Committee



Name: Zoua Yamyyoufu Yang (2)

Title: Editor-in-Chief & Founder

Major: Neurobiology/Pre-med

“Infatuation for knowledge and Compassion for the Hmong People.  Finding your identity and sharing it with the world.  Being able to establish HSIV as an organization is the highlight of my first year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Being able to bring your vision to life and sharing your ideas and culture with the people you interact with is a wonderful honor.  I hope that HSIV will continue to grow and that it fulfills its duty of touching and changing someone’s life for the better.”


Name: Dia Lee (2)

Title: Assistant Editor

Major: Food Science

“My utmost passion and love is for the Hmong.  As the assistant editor, I am eager to uncover the richness of the Hmongs and show fellow Hmongs and the community who we, the Hmongs, are.  Our culture.  Our people.  Our thriving progression.“


Name: Jed Funsee Herr (4)

Title: Headlines Editor

Major: Anthropology

“I hope that HSIV will allow me to branch out and make contacts so I can have a network when I plan to do future research on the Hmong.  I feel that a magazine would be an easier method of promoting the Hmong culture and connecting Hmong students here on campus.  When I was here as a freshman, things were very different.  The Hmong community on campus has grown bigger as well as closer.  I hope that this continues and I want to be part of it.”


Name: Shoua Vang  (3)

Title:  Headlines Editor

Major: Pre-Med

“Success only comes to those who try hard at it; for those who are willing to take up challenges and overcome them.  I see that setting up HSIV will be a challenge; and its success will depend solely on those who are committed to overcome the challenge.  I believe that I can be one  of the committee members that will make Moob Connecting with Hmoob a success.  I welcome the challenges that Moob Connecting with Hmoob will bring and will see to its success.”



Name: Ka Zoua Vang  (2)

Title: Submission Editor

Major: Business

“Being a Hmong-American, I have lived my entire life being part of two culturally different worlds.  Growing up in a predominantly white neighborhood, I felt like I had to suppress my Hmong culture, therefore I never took the initiative to explore the Hmong customs.  It was difficult maintaining two cultures at once and it still continues to be a challenge, but as I am continuing to learn more about myself, I realize that we are the future and that we must make the initiative to preserve our cultural identity.  Not only do I realize we must preserve our culture, but we must work collectively to advance the Hmong society as a whole.”


Name: B-Jee Vang  (2)

Title: Webmaster

Major: Pharmacy

“My purposes to be in HSIV are to be able to be in an organization to help and to get others to understand the Hmong community , to help myself to be more involved in more organizations, and also to be able to have the opportunity to meet and express everybody’s opinion on the Hmong Community.”


Name: Kabor Thao (2)

Title:  Advertisement Editor

Major: Business


Name: Meng Lor (2)

Title:  Perspective Editor


HSIV to me means the opportunity to create bridges between Wisconsin universities to create a community of Hmong students in which they are able to express their ideas through writing.
Being Hmong to me means understanding the cultural uniqueness of my ancestors and partaking in their rich culture



Name: Kao Vue(3)

Title: Sports Editor

Major: Education

“I believe that education is the key to everything in life.  Whenever I do something I’m interest in, I give it 110%.  Sports have been a big part in shaping me the way I am today.  I want to raise the bar, so that other schools or states, for that matter, will want to compete and try to measure up to our level of success.  I will give this my best shot and hopefully, it will lead to great success!”


Name: Coua Xiong (1)

Title: Submission In-tern

Major: Nursing


Name: Doua Lee (1)

Title: Administrative Assistant

Major: Undecided


Name: Pa Kou Yang (3)

Title: Submission Intern



Name: Nue Lor (2)

Title: Features Editor

Major: Engish/Journalism with emphasis on Creative Writing


University of Wisconsin-Madison