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"Moob Connecting with Hmoob"

Hmong Students integrating Voices


Meetings for 2005– TBA

Writing Committee Meetings for 2005– TBA





The writing committee is composed of a diverse  group of students throughout the universities of Wisconsin.  Meetings are taken place after general board meetings.  Meng Lor is the coordinator of the writing committee and is assisted by Pa Kou Yang.  During each meeting a topic of interest is taught and the writing committee is responsible to respond to the topic of interest through written work, art-forms, poetry or any other form of art.  This committee’s purpose is to serve the students by educating them about a topic of interest.

First Writing Committee Topic: Defining “SUCCESS”

The writing committee is open to any student attending higher education.  If one would like to join or would like further information please contact:


Perspective Editor

"Wisconsin Success"

“Wisconsin Success is part of the Features portion of “Moob Connecting with Hmoob.”  Nue Lor is the coordinator and editor of this portion.  For any submissions please email

Nue Lor

Features Editor


University of Wisconsin-Madison