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Hmong Students Intergrating Voices

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Hmong Students Integrating Voices CHAIRS and EDITORIAL COMMITTEE Positions and Application Form


Available Positions:

HSIV CHAIRS                                                                       EDITORIAL COMMITTEE

President                                                                                  Editor-In-Chief

Vice President                                                                          Assistant Editor

Secretary                                                                                  Features Editor

Treasurer                                                                                  Perspective Editor

Fundraiser Coordinator                                                 Design and Layout Editor

Student Organization Outreach Coordinator                              Sports Editor

District Representatives (3 position)                                          Headline Editor

Conference Coordinator                                                          

Community Coordinator




HSIV chairs are responsible for creating a social network between the universities and the communities in Wisconsin by holding a state-wide conference that will be held in different locations each year in order to provide ALL students access and opportunity.  Furthermore HSIV chairs will be holding a community project.  The Editorial Committee is not limited to the one magazine project; however, they are also welcome to all HSIV events.  The Editorial committee is only responsible in creating a magazine in order to integrate all the student voices in one magazine that will be distributed free of charge to the community.  HSIV Chairs are only different from the Editorial Committee in the projects that they choose to pursue; however, they both contribute to the purpose of HSIV: Connecting across campuses and communities.


HSIV Chairs

For more information visit HSIV web page:


Meetings: All meetings will be internet based and will be held on the first and third Sunday of the month at 3:00 pm.  Internet conferences are chat room based.  More information will be given about the agendas and net conference room.  There will also be actual meetings in October, December and March, place and time tba.



The president is responsible for conducting the meetings and helping the secretary prepare the meeting agendas. All agendas should be emailed to members at least two days before the meeting for any revisions needed, and just to inform members/officers of what will be discussed. He/she must be prepared for doing and assigning the tasks of all other officers if they are not present at the meetings/ events/ activities/ etc. He/she oversees the club and makes sure that things get done. 


Vice President: The vice president's job is to be able to conduct any job of the officers and assist the president in overseeing that the club is functioning well. He/she will work closely with the president to see that things get done. 


Secretary:  Responsible for documenting HSIV chair meeting minutes and short explanation of the meetings and should be sent to all staff and members after all meetings.  The secretary must be organized and have flexible a schedule; this is because he/she is essential to keeping the club on track. He/she will take the minutes of all meetings and type them up to email to the web-committee at least 3 days after a meeting so they can be posted for those who could not attend a particular meeting. The secretary will work with the president to prepare meeting agendas. He/she will take attendance at all meetings to show who is present; he/she must inform someone who will be present at the meeting if not able to make it so someone else can take minutes. 


Treasurer:  In the case where the secretary is not present the treasurer is responsible to take notes and send out minutes after meetings. The treasurer will handle financial problems and keep track of HSIV’s account. The treasurer will make reimbursements. Members/Officers are responsible for keeping their own records/copies of their receipts if they know there are difficulties going on however the treasurer should not lose reimbursement receipts while handling them. All financial statements, funding applications, etc. should be kept securely.


Fundraising Coordinator:  The fundraising coordinator is responsible to coordinate the fundraising events and assign other officers and members duties.  He is in charge of making sure all events go smoothly as well as making sure the payments and bookings are appropriate. 


Student Organization Outreach Coordinator:  Responsible to over watch the district representatives and make sure that they are keeping in contact with their district student representatives.


District Representative: Responsible to keep in contact with their district organizations and provide student organizations with the information about HSIV.  Furthermore in order to be a representative you must be attending a school in the district area.

            District 1 Representative: Responsible for all schools in District 1 area (view map)

            District 2 Representatives: Responsible for all schools in District 2 area (view map)

            District 3 Representatives: Responsible for all schools in District 3 area (view map)                                                                               


Conference Coordinator:  Responsible to coordinate the statewide conference and include all the universities as well as communities.  Organize and assign work to other staff members. 


Community Coordinator:  Responsible to coordinate at least ONE event that will involve college students as well as the community. 


Webmaster: responsible to update and recreate the website as needed.




NOTE: All staff is encouraged to attend both the HSIV staff and Editorial Committee Net Conferences; however, the meetings are not required unless specified.  The Editor-in-Chief is however required to attend both the HSIV staff and Editorial Committee Net Conferences.


Meetings: All meetings will be internet based and will be held on the second and fourth Sunday of the month at 3:00 pm.  Internet conferences chat room based.  More information will be given about the agendas and net conference room.  There will also be actual meetings in October, December and March, place and time tba.


Editor-in-Chief: Required to attend all internet conferences both Editorial and HSIV staff.  Works as a bridge between the Editorial Committee and HSIV staff.  The Editor-in-Chief watches over all other Editorial staff to make sure that the magazine is coming out appropriately. 


Assistant Editor:  Responsible for documenting HSIV editorial committee meeting minutes and short explanation of the meetings and should be sent to all staff and members after all meetings.  Also responsible in assisting the Editor-in-Chief and making sure that all deadlines are met.



Perspective Editor:  Responsible for creating the submission forms as well as organizing the submission.  This person is responsible to contact the universities for submissions.


Headlines Editor: The Headlines Editor is responsible for writing at least ONE article about Hmong History.


Features Editor:  Features Editor is responsible for writing the “WISCONSIN SUCCESS” stories as well as the feature story of the topic of interest and interviewing and writing a story on an older inspiring Hmong adult.


Design and Layout Editor: Responsible for the design and layout of the magazine.  The layout must be done by the deadline.  Also responsible for the front cover and working with the editorial staff members.  Must have knowledge about appropriate programs involving layouts.


Sports Editor: Responsible to write one story on sports or Hmong sports as well as an interview with a college student who is involved in sports.






Deadline: Please return this form to Zoua Yang at by

OCTOBER 15, 2005!

Announcement of positions will be announced on OCTOBER 20, 2005


Name______________________      Last__________________________


Address____________________      City______________ State _______


Phone______________________      Cell__________________________


Email Address_______________________________________________


School Attending_____________________________________________


School’s Hmong/Asian Student Organization_______________________


POSITIONS: Please rate One being your first preference






Suggest one fundraising event or one topic for a conference and organize an outline for how YOU would present it.  Include guest speakers, cost, ideas etc.



**Please attach a resume as well as any additional information you would like the committee to consider.