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Hmong Students Intergrating Voices

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The purpose of HSIV is to allow students from different universities in Wisconsin to voice their opinions, thoughts and feelings about the Hmong Culture, the Hmong people, and Hmong progression.  Furthermore, HSIV’s objective is to build a connection among the Hmong students at different Universities and integrating the voices of students into one magazine that will be available to youth, college students and community members.




In order to fulfill our mission of connecting across campuses and communities throughout the state of Wisconsin, we will be distributing “Moob Connecting with Hmoob” throughout the universities of Wisconsin, technical colleges, high schools, Hmong associations and Wisconsin communities: FREE OF CHARGE!


TOPIC:  We present to you “Hmong Politics, Who Represents Us?”  This topic presents several questions concerning NTR (Normal Trade Relations), resettlement of Hmongs from Thailand, political leaders, emerging Hmong leaders, historical Hmong leaders and more.  We hope that the topic will enhance your knowledge about the political standpoints of your peers, families and community members.  Not only should it educate you, we hope that the topics and questions brought up will push you to question your own beliefs on the political issues and move you to take action accordingly.



Ÿ         To build a connection among the Hmong students in Wisconsin attending higher education

Ÿ         To encourage Hmong students from Wisconsin to voice their opinions

Ÿ         To promote higher education

Ÿ         To raise public awareness about the Hmong community and their achievements

Ÿ         To serve as resource for student scholars to contribute their articles pertinent to their beliefs and field of proficiency

Ÿ         To educate the community

Ÿ       To build a connection between the Hmong community and the American society



For all questions please contact:

Hmong Students Integrating Voices